Employee representatives in multinational corporations need good training. Europe means learning: from others, with others and last but not least about ourselves! Only people who have a precise knowledge of their rights regarding information and consultation will be able to have discussions with management on a level playing field. It is only in this way that it will be possible to have influence on company decisions at an early stage. 

The example of Areva: training with a historical setting. We organised a series of intercultural workshops and seminars in Berlin, Brussels and Lyon for the French power station manufacturer Areva. The project led to a Europe wide corporation agreement to promote women in professional life. If desired we will deal with more than just exciting seminar topics and organise complete events: from the travel, through the hotel and the interpreters right up to the framework programme. Not just in Berlin either!

New EWC Directive: Right to Further Training Gains Legal Force

Up until now the legal stipulations did not contain any right to further training. The revision of the EWC Directive means that this right is guaranteed throughout Europe for the first time for Special Negotiating Bodies and European Works Councils. Nevertheless the right to further training is already present in many EWC agreements. Even where there are no written stipulations, company management often proves to be cooperative: in many European Works Councils the annual meeting is extended with a training day. 

Practical Learning

Along with publicly announced seminars we also design company seminars as targeted qualification for existing European Works Councils. You determine the focus of the event. There are a broad range of possible topics. We ensure qualified speakers and varied methods. Reports and experiences from other companies play an important part in our seminars.  Where are there successful practical examples which are suitable for transfer? Which processes have proved themselves? You will get all the important information from our trainers and speakers. This will stop you having to reinvent the wheel! 

A visit to the "Champions-League". We have been presenting the EWC workshops for IG Bau for 10 years. EWC chairs and EWC members of the largest European building corporations meet on an annual basis. This regularly includes Works Councils from companies such as Bilfinger-Berger, Hochtief, HeidelbergCement, Vinci, Lafarge, Strabag or Züblin. Discussions about social standards on international building sites take place along with discussions about new legal regulations in European occupational health and safety. 

Our Seminar Topics:

  • Introduction into European labour law
  • Works Councils, Shop Steards, Trade union delegates - Employee representation in Europe
  • Teamwork in Europe
  • The EWC Directive and national transposition laws
  • Communicating without barrieres - Differences and similarities of European cultures
  • Social Europe? Social protection in case of age, illness and unemployment
  • Temporary work, agencíes, subcontracting and outsourcing - how to respond
  • The European company statute (S.E.)
  • How to deal with mergers and acquisitions
  • Foreign language learning  (Englisch, French, German and Spanich) in cooperation with "Sprachwerk"


From Cork To Cognac: Pernod-Ricard EWC

Martell, Chivas Regal, Balantine´s or Ramazotti are just a few of the well-known spirits produced by the French-owned distilleries of Pernod-Ricard. After TCI had delivered a successful training for the EWC in Cork (Ireland), the programme continued recently at the guesthouse of the Martell facility in Cognac/France. The training focussed on Health & Safety related issues as well as on new trends in European labour law and was followed by the annual meeting of the EWC. 22 delegates from 13 countries discussed with CEO Patrick Ricard. Per Madsen (Denmark), EWC Select Committee Pernod-Ricard stated: "We had some discussion about the training and believe me, everybody thought you did it in a great way and that they all understood what you said. I have already talked with the EWC Chairman about this session and we have agreed that we will ask Management to make sure that you have time for us next year in November (probably in Marseille). Once again thanks for the way you have helped the new members of the EWC and in the same time inspired the older ones."

Coming Soon - Next Training Events

> British Airways European Works Council, 17-19 Feb, Frankfurt

> Oracle European Works Council, 12-13 Feb, Rome

> Deutsche Telekom European Works Council, 20-22 April, Balaton (Hungary)



EWC Agreement

Ist Ihre EBR-Vereinbarung noch zeitgemäß? Wir analysieren die Stärken und Schwächen. Ein kostenloses Angebot für bestehende Euro-Betriebsräte.

Is your EWC agreement still up-to-date? What are it´s strengths and weaknesses? Obtain your expert´s advice free of charge.

New EWC Directive

On 17 December 2008 the EU Council of Ministers has adopted the new EWC Directive. Please view all relevant documents and the key priorities for a new legal framework.


For your international meeting we arrange for professional interpreters and translation of documents into any European language.

EU Funding

The EU makes project resources available to European Works Councils every year. We help with the application process.


Language Training

Can you communicate with your colleagues abroad? Together with our partner institute we provide exciting and tailor-made language courses.