Assessment of your EWC Agreement

Is your EWC agreement still up to date? We analyse the strengths and weaknesses. A free offer for existing European Works Councils. 

When the EWC Directive was implemented in national law in the mid nineties, many companies stepped on the gas. Ultimately it was possible to make “voluntary” contracts up to 1996 without having to observe important stipulations of the Directive. The quick formation of a European Works Council was often at the cost of the quality of the agreement.

Due to negotiation results which are unfavourable from an employee viewpoint, many European Works Councils such as e.g. Chip Manufacturer Intel were subjected to an extensive control by the company management. Yet many agreements made in later years do not exploit the legal scope. Above all the information and consultation procedure is insufficiently regulated in every second EWC. There are also different standards in relation to the work opportunities of the EWC (leave, visiting rights) than there were in the years of formation.

Since the introduction of the additional consultation rights in the framework of the European Company Directive (S.E.), the framework conditions have improved.  A targeted strategy made these more favourable stipulations usable for many European Works Councils too. No European employee representation is permanently bound to an agreement which hasn't proved itself in the constantly changing world of the company. Termination clauses allow an opportune adaptation to the requirements of modern employee representation. In previous years we revised and modernised numerous EWC agreements. At the request of the European Works Councils we will check the existing agreement of your company free of charge and name the most significant strengths and weaknesses. At the same time you will receive a comparative assessment with reference to the 800 plus agreements made so far and pointers towards the most important procedural steps for a renegotiation.

EWC Agreement

Ist Ihre EBR-Vereinbarung noch zeitgemäß? Wir analysieren die Stärken und Schwächen. Ein kostenloses Angebot für bestehende Euro-Betriebsräte.

Is your EWC agreement still up-to-date? What are it´s strengths and weaknesses? Obtain your expert´s advice free of charge.

New EWC Directive

On 17 December 2008 the EU Council of Ministers has adopted the new EWC Directive. Please view all relevant documents and the key priorities for a new legal framework.


For your international meeting we arrange for professional interpreters and translation of documents into any European language.

EU Funding

The EU makes project resources available to European Works Councils every year. We help with the application process.


Language Training

Can you communicate with your colleagues abroad? Together with our partner institute we provide exciting and tailor-made language courses.