Language Training

Can you communicate with your colleagues abroad? Together with our partner institute we provide exciting and tailor-made language courses.

Learning foreign languages is essential for the success of EWC´s. The language courses we offer as part of our long-lasting relationship with the training institute 'Sprachwerk' are targeted directly towards the requirements of existing European Works Councils and employee representatives working in an transnational environment. The slogan 'Working Together' stands for a system specially developed to address the requirements and topics of language learning for workers´ representatives. Participants learn both how to use the new language in everyday situations as well as converse on specific topics. English language training forms the basis for our work, additionally, we also provide this training concept for French, German and Spanish language courses.


Our Language seminars are based on holistic communicative teaching and learning methods (superlearning). The learning content is delivered by means of a broad repertoire of practical exercises and is then practiced through role-plays and presentations. The seminars consist of modules: an intensive introductory week, followed after approx. two month by either further seminar weeks or two or three day workshops. In between seminars, participants review and individually broaden the course content during self-study - using especially developed materials (cd´s, vocabulary file cards, glossaries, correspondence course material). Even at beginners´ level these intensive seminars afford maximum levels of learning and early success. These tested methods have proved especially suitable for internationally composed groups. There is a maximum number of twelve participants in each learning group.


The  objectice is to gain the ability to communicate on a European level. For basic courses this means: basic knowledge of everyday language as well as parallel training in the essential terms of workers´ representation in Europe and country-specific information. For intermediate and advanced courses relevant vocabulary fields are: annual reports, workers´ representation in Europe, the EWC Directive and agreements as well as simultaneous training in everyday business functions i.e. attending meetings, consultation with management, letter and email writing, telephoning, etc.


Our trainers are fully qualified, have had many years of experience in the teaching of both, national and international groups - in works councils, trade unions and European Works Councils.

Preparation and assessment

Before each seminar, participants are divided up into learning groups by means of a foreign language profile. On completion of the course, the participants evaluate and assess the course in detail. A certificate is issued to the participants after active and successful participation in the course. In order to deepen and broaden the acquired proficiency it is advisable to undertake refresher courses at certain intervals. Upon request we arrange and run language trips to Great Britain, Ireland or France in cooperation with 'Sprachwerk'.

EWC Agreement

Ist Ihre EBR-Vereinbarung noch zeitgemäß? Wir analysieren die Stärken und Schwächen. Ein kostenloses Angebot für bestehende Euro-Betriebsräte.

Is your EWC agreement still up-to-date? What are it´s strengths and weaknesses? Obtain your expert´s advice free of charge.

New EWC Directive

On 17 December 2008 the EU Council of Ministers has adopted the new EWC Directive. Please view all relevant documents and the key priorities for a new legal framework.


For your international meeting we arrange for professional interpreters and translation of documents into any European language.

EU Funding

The EU makes project resources available to European Works Councils every year. We help with the application process.


Language Training

Can you communicate with your colleagues abroad? Together with our partner institute we provide exciting and tailor-made language courses.