European Labour Law

EWC Directive and further EU labour law Directives

In addition to the EWC Directive, there are numerous further Directives and Regulations relevant to employee representatives at European level. They set European minimum standards. National laws and regulations may go further. Here you find the most important Directives.


Election procedures for EWC members: National Rules

In the European Union there is a significant diversity for the election and appointment of EWC members. Wheras in some countries EWC members get directly appointed by the trade union oreganisations, other country laws give the nomination rights to their works councils. In a third group of countries elections involving all employees are needed.


Court Rulings on European works Councils

So far, there are only very few legal disputes involving EWC´s partly caused by the complex legal procedures and the lack of financial resources for lawyer fees. However, the following court rulings have provided good arguments for many EWC´s from other companies.


EWC Agreement

Ist Ihre EBR-Vereinbarung noch zeitgemäß? Wir analysieren die Stärken und Schwächen. Ein kostenloses Angebot für bestehende Euro-Betriebsräte.

Is your EWC agreement still up-to-date? What are it´s strengths and weaknesses? Obtain your expert´s advice free of charge.

New EWC Directive

On 17 December 2008 the EU Council of Ministers has adopted the new EWC Directive. Please view all relevant documents and the key priorities for a new legal framework.


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EU Funding

The EU makes project resources available to European Works Councils every year. We help with the application process.


Language Training

Can you communicate with your colleagues abroad? Together with our partner institute we provide exciting and tailor-made language courses.